HIMSS Las Vegas: First-Time Attendee Impressions

Last week our team had its first introduction to the world of the HIMSS annual conference. For those who aren’t familiar, HIMSS is the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, a large trade organization that brings together tens of thousands of individuals, corporations, and organizations under the banner of “better health through technology.”

Health ELT Team March 29, 2016

Patient Engagement: Shoulda Put a Ring on It

As a newcomer to the medical technology industry, I went to HIMSS16 with no expectations, or as few as possible (I expected people to talk about technology in medicine, but that was about it). It quickly became clear to me that there are several buzz-phrases that exist in Health Information Technology right now.

Stephanie Sefcik March 9, 2016

Because Tech Isn’t For Poor People Anyways, Right?

I work for a tech company that serves Medicaid.

A simple sentence that reads one part contradiction and one part complete mystery. 
On the contradiction: No one in tech works with people or companies concerned with Medicaid. On the complete mystery: In the last week alone, when explaining my work, someone asked if Medicaid and Medicare were the same, someone else if Medicaid was invented by the ACA, and a third asked, “but Medicaid’s not a thing anymore because of Obamacare, right?”

Amanda Havard August 26, 2015

Reflections on a Conference

Two weeks ago, members of our team attended the 2015 NASUAD Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Conference. The conference, focused on in-home care primarily funded through Medicare/Medicaid brought together a diverse set of healthcare players: insurance plan executives, state administrators, nurse care-giver contractors, device vendors and many more. After a multitude of presentations, plenaries, networking sessions, unexpectedly rowdy receptions, and a welcomed long weekend of reflection, here are some stray thoughts from the conference:

Alex Taira August 26, 2015

Will We Overregulate Ourselves Out of Innovation?

Digital security is one of the most pressing issues on the minds of both the private sector and the public sector. But many technology experts are finding the potential limits that stringent policies on data and encryption might place on innovation even more concerning than the data protection and privacy issues they mean to address. Simple features that feel familiar to us all like searching for something on the web or in an app are threatened not by good security but by oversecurity.

Amanda Havard August 26, 2015