Web Dashboard

Able to run on any current browser, the Dashboard is the tool for any in-office stakeholder: schedulers, supervisors, care coordinators, administrative staff, service coordinators who work both in-field and in-office, and any other relevant personnel. Its main function is to show people moving around on a map in real-time while also providing access to member and employee information, member assessment due dates for triage purposes, scheduling and rescheduling capabilities, and much more. This all-encompassing dashboard improves compliance, reduces frustration, and enables efficiency in the field by making scheduling geo-location based and thus far easier.

Field Assessor Tools

The Coord app arms providers and health care workers in the field with advanced tools for data collection and patient care. The Coord field app can use video, photo, and audio recording functions to assist in risk assessment and ongoing monitoring. It eliminates paperwork. Coordinators and caregivers can add media documenting a patient’s condition from the field, allowing health plans to achieve enhanced case management by reviewing member progress at any given moment.

Coord’s field assessment apps simplify the complicated and often inconsistent process of functional-needs and level-of-care assessment. Complex questions and rigid formats are transformed into simple, fluid, user-directed conversations, helping the patient feel more comfortable, all while streamlined, logical interpretations of tricky systems and score structures yield more honest, more accurate, and more consistent results.

Scoring is automated and done on the back end, eliminating human error and increasing accuracy while curbing fraud, waste, and abuse. Each screen is entirely customizable per a client’s needs, and each checkbox corresponds to the correct score. These scores are linked into Coord’s Rain Barrel database, so that the complete details of each assessment live within a member’s file year after year, facilitating detailed predictive analysis while still meeting any reporting requirements.

Member Profile

All member info is aggregated and arranged intuitively in the Member Profile. If it is accessible, from state databases to Lexis Nexis info, it is able to be incorporated into the Member Profile’s signature UX.  This helps immensely with elevating engagement rates. Then again, so does the mobile engagement conversation at the beginning of every app-based visit. This way, you have more information on your members to better care for them, reach them, educate them, schedule them, and more.

What is our Rain Barrel data approach?

Exactly what it sounds like: catches data from anywhere, pulls it together to live in a central place, and pipes it out only where it needs to go. Efficient, complete, and where you need it.

Mobile Care Apps

Perfect for personal care and assisting services in the home, our customizable mobile care apps provide any home health worker with a quick checklist and the necessary information they need to complete a visit. More importantly, they serve as automatic, accurate portrayals of who was in each home and when, giving accurate, clear validation of care provided — all in real time.

Hedis Alerts

Housing all of a patient’s information in a central location allows for easy and effortless HEDIS alert systems. The Coord dashboard will automatically generate an alert when a member is due for a HEDIS measure, or even when a Coord-user provider is sending someone to a home or site for other services, facilitating a streamlined system to reach HEDIS compliance. Alerts to Coord mobile apps enable health plans to communicate with those who interface with members, allowing service coordinators to complete HEDIS measures efficiently while other assessments or visits are already scheduled.

Engagement Member Apps & Services

Our Coord engagement tools revolutionize the way members request and receive care, the way health plans provide, assess, and validate care, and most importantly improve the quality of care. Patient information living in the Coord Rain Barrel is a key component. Accessible, complete patient data equates to better decisions for patient care. Better decisions increase care and save costs by making everyone more accountable, which is what Coord is all about.

The Coord team of digital engagement strategists design apps to empower plans and states to coordinate care for specific, often unreachable populations. The right information allows plans to better educate members while fostering a relationship that is both continuous and engaging. Coord tools break down the barriers between those who need care and those who authorize it.

Locating Members

One of the prime obstacles in both logistics management and member engagement is locating members.  Health: ELT has built a hands-on process that assists health plans, healthcare vendors, and providers in managing the process of locating, contacting, and maintaining contact with members who are difficult to find. The process is centered on a complex and effective process of information gathering, which requires input from relevant but often overlooked sources.

Pairing nicely with the suite of Coord tools, Health: ELT provides this separate, optional service of locating members.

Case Study:


Health: ELT’s proven results provide early warning signals to those who need the information (i.e. Case Managers, PCP, Specialists, etc.) on a real-time basis. Health plans establish the business rules around access and control of information among its employees and providers.

Our tools:

  • Create predictive models that foresee the greatest unnecessary expenditures to contain costs in the most catastrophic cases
  • Indicate areas of duplication and waste
  • Determine which vendors are the most cost-effective
  • Stratify members by risk to see those with highest likely future needs

One Touch Eligibility

The conventionally complicated, multi-step, several-day process of assessing clients’ Medicaid eligibility is now streamlined in web dashboards that can evaluate eligibility for thousands of members with one click. Coord’s One-Touch eligibility check conveys the most current information from participating state databases in minutes instead of days while eliminating the risks of uncompensated care.

Though this breakthrough is useful for many types of clients, the One-Touch Eligibility technology is most beneficial to our partner provider agencies. It can be used as a stand-alone tool apart from other Coord tools. Contact us for more details.

Provider Suite

Many of our tools that schedule, assess, coordinate, verify, and validate care are as useful for home health agencies and providers as they are for plans. Having an accurate portrayal of care and the ability to access data live in the field gives providers a distinct advantage. When health plans use Health: ELT’s tools, many processes that once required faxes, phone calls, or physical claims reports become concentrated and instant.

Some of our provider tools are free of charge to better streamline health plans’ processes, while others are customizable products made to address needs of a specific home health provider agency.