Bringing Nashville's "maker movement" to Medicaid

It wouldn’t be surprising to see employees of Health ELT wearing shirts that read “#WhatAboutMedicaid.”

The staff of Health ELT, an engagement and logistics technology firm, may not have those shirts yet, but given the level of devotion to a wonky program from people with non-health-care backgrounds, maybe shirts will come soon. And those shirts would probably be locally made and designed by a local artist.

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Let’s Bring “Quantified Health” to Populations That Need It

Wearable fitness trackers and their complementary smartphone apps are taking the world by storm. There is breathless media coverage and a growing army of gadgets ranging from glorified pedometers to glucose-monitoring contact lenses. While at least one in five Americans now has a wearable device and two thirds intend to use digital tools to track some aspect of their health, and the trend shows no sign of slowing with 68.1 million wearable devices estimated to be produced in 2015, the actual health benefits of these tools have not materialized for everyone.

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Startup Focuses On Medicaid Engagement, Logistics, And Technology Services

Patient engagement is the new buzz word in healthcare, and when it is used in commercial insurance plans it could mean anything from incentives for health behavior to providing consumer pricing and quality tools. But, as Cade Havard, chairman and CEO of Health:ELT explains, “In Medicaid, it means ‘see if you can find me,’” according to MedCity News.

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Want to slash Medicaid waste? Reach those patients

On any given day, less than 40 percent of those on Medicaid – 72.6 million nationally, at last count – can be located by states and health plans. That’s a pitiful percentage of a population that’s often dealing with significant health issues, from multiple chronic conditions to lack of access to basic healthcare services, and whose typical experience with healthcare is a trip to the emergency room. And that’s why Medicaid represents both a huge healthcare bill and a prime example of waste.

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Health IT firm raising $2.5M for digital tools to help MCOs manage, engage Medicaid patients

In the world of commercial insurance, patient engagement might mean offering incentive or reward programs for healthy behaviors, or providing tools that help consumers choose the lowest cost and best quality care providers. In Medicaid, it’s a little bit different.
“In Medicaid, it means ‘see if you can find me,’” explained

Cade Havard, chairman and CEO of health technology company Health: ELT (which stands for engagement, logistics and technology).

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